Macroeconomic and Gaming Industry Analysis

Chinese Resident's Income and Expenditure Analysis

China's House Market Analysis... continued

Macau Gaming Industry and China Housing Market Research


Kevin Chang:Electric Vehicle Industry and Tesla Analysis

New energy vehicles and self-driving will revolutionized the automotive industry. Explore the role of Tesla, Inc. in this market change through national policies and consumer psychology.


2020-01-14 Musk Compensation Package

2019-07-19 Tesla Analysis

“The stock market is the story of cycles and of the human behaviour that is responsible for overreactions in both directions.”             

                                                                                                                             -Seth Klarman

Macroeconomics: Sino-US Trade War, Currency War

Gaming Industry: A Barometer of Macroeconomics

The trade war is intensifying-- is Trump's policies on China beneficial to the US?

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Tesla is currently the best-selling electric vehicle on the market; it will be a major player in transforming the automotive industry.

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 The latest Trend: Electric Vehicles and Lithium Batteries


Rex Lin & Kevin Chang:The Impact of Sino-US Trade War on the Economy

After U.S. President Donald Trump came to power, he signed a Presidential memorandum targeting China's economic aggression on March 21, 2018. This started the Sino-US Trade War, which has become increasingly fierce. Who will be the ultimate winner of this trade? Or, will it end in two losses?


2019-08-16 Sino-US Trade War Research (1)

2019-08-23 Sino-US Trade  War Research (2)

Ever bet is not only a game between the gambler and the dealer, but it also reflects the good and bead of the current economy.

Rex Lin:Gaming Industry Analysis and Global Macroeconomics

Behind the rise and fall of the gaming industry is the overall performance of the economy. From the United States to Asia, the fundamentals of the gaming industry and the profitability of individual casinos can be derived from the cyclical performance of the economy.


2019-01-18 Macau vs China Macro

2019-01-10 Casino 18Q4 Estimates