FMF Investments Inc. is an American investment company that provides consulting services and other related businesses. Our company is comprised of successful industry veterans with over 30 years of experience and new talents from top rated American and Chinese universities. Our team has excellent analytical abilities and can provide perceptive insights on investments including foreign exchange, commodity futures, bonds, and the stock market.

     Our company provides a comprehensive range of consulting services, including fundamental/technical analysis and risk management, to international clients from the United States, mainland China, and Hong Kong. In an unpredictable and challenging environment, we approach the markets with a philosophical mindset in order to analyze each investment logically. Our backgrounds in finance help us interpret even the slightest pulse in a market. Moreover, we are constantly observing current events to mitigate risk and to look for potential investment opportunities. With our experience and knowledge, we provide our clients with clear investment directions in order to maximize their profits.

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